Anonymous asked:

Are you happy right now? btw you're absolutely gorgeous :)

First of all, thank you (:

Difficult question. I m at a point in my life where I have to chose a right way, a good way. I m thinking a lot about my future and what I wanna do with my life and thats kinda keeping me away from being completely happy. But if I look back.. the last 9 month of my life theres nothing i couldn’t be happy about. I´ve had a great year, travelled a lot, I have my friends here, the true ones who support me in everything I wanna do and don’t judge me, I ve scrubbed people out of my life which were holding me back from my way and it´s autumn now, my favourite time of the year! Yes, I am happy 

Anonymous asked:

Was trägst du gerade?

Eine schwarze skinny jeans und ein pink floyd t-shirt